Tim Terrentine
“The major difference between leaders we respect and those we don’t lies in the choices made when we don’t know what to say.”

Positivity. Authenticity. Mobilizing and Motivating People. At a very early age, Tim Terrentine learned of the power of people to create change. Tim stood on the shoulders of giants and walked through many doors of opportunity throughout his life and career. Overcoming challenges and wrestling for positivity in his own mind, Tim took a nontraditional route to impact. Now, Tim spends his life working to help people and organizations get unstuck. He truly believes, as fellow Catalyst University faculty Jon Acuff has said, “I want to help people get unstuck, because the unstuck are unstoppable.” Tim has been developing people and helping others discover their own leadership for over two decades, from his days as an educator and youth developer working for Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation, to his most recent journey in economic and leadership development at Southwest Michigan First and C2 Consulting. Tim’s passion for helping current and future leaders make the most of their potential helped accelerate the brand of the organization’s Catalyst Leadership Series, a series of programs geared toward empowering Michigan’s leaders to greatness. Tim has been laser-focused on curating programs and environments where people can bring their best selves and do their best work.

Tim currently serves as the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at Western Michigan University.

STRYKER proudly presents Tim Terrentine at Catalyst University.