A day spent at Catalyst University can change the course of a leader’s journey.

No matter whether you are an emerging or experienced leader, you must put yourself on a path with others by your side. At Catalyst University, you will find inspiration from those who are on the same journey as you, energy from those who have just started their journey, and knowledge from those who have gone before you.

As a proud sponsor of Catalyst University, we promise to enhance your experience by ensuring your endowment will continue your legacy leadership while celebrating you throughout the day with our 3,000 attendees.

  • Your INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP will be impacted by the relationships and connections you make throughout the day. Your sponsorship recognition will unlock team building opportunities, networks of potential new friends and customers, and access to innovative skills and ideas.
  • Your COMPANY will be recognized as a leader in the community. Those in attendance will know that your company is committed to growth. They will admire your company for its relevance and be inspired by your support. Your company will be seen as a distinguished employer of choice in your quest to retain and attract top talent.
  • Your support will fuel our COMMUNITY IDENTITY and express its uniqueness as our region’s collaborative spirit takes center stage. When the day ends, you will be a member of an exclusive group who experienced and celebrated the day’s innovation and thought leadership first-hand.

We’d love to talk with you about how you can support leadership growth (and get your logo to appear below with our other awesome partners) as a sponsor of Catalyst University.

“People, Planet, Profit, Performance”

A Special Message from our Legacy Sponsor

The responsibility of leadership in business today is purposeful service. It requires companies to operate from a mindset of “more than.” That means to stand for more than profits, more than regulatory compliance and more than basic service. For me, it means leading from a heart of service, with a commitment to a sustainable business.

When I think about a sustainable business there are four categories where a mindset of “more than” must be present. Here’s how we apply it at CMS Energy for people, the planet, profit and performance:

People – At Consumers Energy, we care for our customers, co-workers and communities. Those we serve are not anonymous; they are families, friends and neighbors. We tend to the communities we work in because we know that with intentional effort we can make an impact on our hometowns. That intentional effort enables our neighborhoods to thrive. We serve co-workers knowing they are uniquely gifted and work from their own hearts of service.

Planet – My co-workers and I are stewards of the environment going above and beyond compliance. We all live here and should take every step to ensure our beautiful world is left better than we found it.

Profit – Our company delivers consistent returns to shareholders. Our investors are retirees and individuals who have trusted us with their savings.

Performance – All of these must be underpinned by unwavering commitment to being world-class performers.

By working with Catalyst University to nurture strong leaders, we are setting a solid foundation for success and making connections to Michigan communities that go well beyond delivering energy.

I am proud to lead a company that stands for “more than.” CMS Energy: World-Class Performance Delivering Hometown Service.

— Patti Poppe, President and CEO of CMS Energy, a holding company with its principal subsidiaries as Consumers Energy and CMS Enterprises