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“It’s important to understand that there are seasons where one person’s purpose has to take priority over the other.”

Jeff + André Shinabarger

A Team Dedicated to Their Mission & Family

Founder + Advisor of Plywood People & Co-Authors of “Love or Work”

Hosts of the popular “Love or Work” podcast and Founders of Plywood People Jeff and André Shinabarger released their new book, “Love Or Work: Is It Possible to Change the World, Stay in Love, and Raise a Healthy Family?” on August 18, 2020. Unlike many marriage books that are written only by men, “Love or Work” is written from the perspective and real-life stories of husband-wife team Jeff and André Shinabarger. The book shares their research from interviews with 1,600 working couples and represents a prevalent conversation happening in homes across America: how to navigate relationships and family dynamics as both partners passionately pursue meaningful work.

Jeff Shinabarger is the founder and executive director of Plywood People, an Atlanta-based non-profit that helps launch and sustain start-ups. He is the author of the book “More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity,” which challenges readers to become aware of where they have enough and to give away what they have more than enough of, and “Yes or No: How Your Everyday Decisions Will Forever Shape Your Life,” which gives practical advice for how to make good decisions and say “no” when necessary.

Born in Bolivia, André Shinabarger has a deep passion for building community with marginalized people groups. She works for Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta as a Physician Assistant and is an adjunct professor for Emory University and is an Advisor to Plywood People. Together with her husband Jeff, she co-hosts the podcast “Love or Work,” where they ask, “Is it possible to change the world, stay in love, and have a healthy family?”

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