Managing From the Middle

Mid-level managers navigate a unique set of opposing tensions tied to their organizational positions. How to lead while following? How to manage up, down and laterally at the same time? How to balance one’s own professional ambition while coaching others for performance? Navigating the tensions inherent to seats in the middle can leave this unique group of talent feeling disengaged and dissatisfied with their work – and the downstream effects can be significant. Middle managers can make or break talent retention efforts, healthy work cultures, and effective change initiatives, to name a few. Furthermore, with flatter organizational structures trending, those navigating the mid-zone of their organizations are doing so with fewer peers to lean on.So how can this critical pool of talent stay focused on performance … and truly thrive? A cohort of dynamic peers, intentional skill development and a toolkit to support success can move the middle from stuck to stellar.Geared toward professionals juggling the complex demands of middle management, Managing from the Middle will explore what it takes to thrive as a leader of others while maintaining energy amidst the “squeeze” of it all, and lay the groundwork for the next phase of career.