Faculty Member

“Perfection is a myth, yet we run after it, desperately. Instead, we should embrace our rareness, our weirdness, and every tiny thing that makes us unique.”

B.T. Harman

Consultant & Storyteller

Content Maker for Millennials and the Brands They Love

B.T. Harman is a consultant and storyteller living in Atlanta’s historic Cabbagetown neighborhood. He’s passionate about creating meaningful content for millennials and the brands that serve them. In his consulting work, B.T. focuses on brand strategy, design, marketing, social media, storytelling, leadership and more.

In 2017, B.T. released his first podcast, Blue Babies Pink, “A Southern Coming Out Story in 44 Episodes.” BBP quickly became a top 40 podcast worldwide, and more than 1.2 million episodes have been downloaded since it launched. In 2019, B.T. released his second podcast, Catlick, a true-crime mystery thriller set in Atlanta in the early 1900s.

B.T. is also the founder of Harbor, an online support group for parents of LGBTQ kids, as well as The 54321*, a digital newsletter for world-changing millennials.

In B.T.’s previous corporate work, he was the vice president of client experience for Booster, an innovative school fundraising company based out of Atlanta. Between 2005-2016, B.T. was a key player in helping Booster raise more than $150 million for American schools. Within Booster, he led a team of creatives that developed high-end character & leadership content for more than 1.3 million students annually.

Today, B.T. lives in Atlanta with his husband, Brett, and their grey tabby cat, Walnut.